Joy - A Friend for the Journey

Can you imagine receiving a letter from someone in prison who had been unjustly accused? Moreover, can you imagine writing that letter? We can't envision that being a very uplifted or encouraging correspondence.

The book of Philippians was written by the Apostle Paul from a prison in Rome. He was writing it to the church in Philippi, a group of people with whom he had a very special relationship. He was imprisoned for crimes he did not commit, and the Philippian church was undergoing persecution for their faith in Jesus. It doesn't sound like a recipe for joy.

And yet, this letter is filled with praise, thanksgiving, and pure joy! It's a reminder to us as we begin a new school year and a new season of ministry that we can find joy in every situation and season of life. Join us this Sunday as we begin this new sermon series through the book of Philippians.

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