Soundtrack for a Savior - Don't Stop Believing

We say things out loud to ourselves for two reasons: 1) We need to hear how absurd a particular idea would sound to someone else? 2) We need to self-doubt from something we believe is true.

The psalmist asks a question 3 times in Psalm 42 and 43 and each time he gives himself the same answer: "Why are you downcast...why so disturbed? Put your hope in the Lord." Trusting in the Lord is the right thing to do, but sometimes we need to say it out loud to ourselves. Sometimes we need help believing it!

If you've ever been in a season in which your belief in God didn't line up with your experience of God, you're not alone. Apparently, several writers of the Bible went through the same thing. Join us this Sunday as we discover a song to help us cling to our faith in the darkest of times.

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