Soundtrack for a Savior - Roar

The people of God have a long history of things not going their way. The Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans all took turns controlling the tiny but valuable land bridge that linked Europe, Africa, and Asia. By the time Jesus comes on to the scene, the Romans had thoroughly demonstrated that they were in fact more than ready for this.

And yet, every time Psalm 118 played at Passover time, the Jews started to believe that maybe...just maybe...this was the year that their Messiah would come and their Kingdom would be restored. When Jesus comes to Jerusalem the crowd is ready to enthrone him as the royal Messiah, but Jesus makes it clear that they are going about things the wrong way. Jesus makes it clear that God is doing a new thing in a new way, but the crowd that is hungry for a king who will wield power, not one who lays it down.

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